Digital 7 Partners with Avonis to Bring 20 Years of Government Contract Bidding Success to Company

Digital Info Security Co/Digital 7 Inc. (OTC PINK: DGIF) has signed an agreement with Avonis Inc. to assist in bringing government and large company contracts to the company. Avonis has been in the business of helping companies like Digital create strategic alliances with Tier 1 government contractors to win bids on government contracts. Avonis and its management have been an instrumental part of a team that as a whole has captured over $50 million in government contracts for their client teams in recent years.

The agreement will allow Avonis to take Digital 7’s VTS (Virtual Tape Storage) legacy data solution and create strategic alliances to integrate VTS into government bids that are available in the coming months. In addition, Avonis, as a Verizon certified provider, will be able to provide Digital’s VTS solution as part of its long term data storage solutions packages.

According to Avonis president and founder, Alan DuBrow, “D7’s VTS proprietary solutions are unique in both their ability to handle a wide range of legacy media data types, and ability to scale services from relatively small magnetic tape libraries like the Air Logistics Centers of the U.S. Air Force to archiving all legacy data media in an entire agency the size of the Veteran’s Administration.”

About Avonis Inc.

Avonis provides consulting in alliances, business development, and corporate development and growth strategies for small-to-medium sized businesses focused on the United States government marketplace, including Federal agencies and the Department of Defense. It also has international clients from England, Germany, and Japan. Avonis partners with leading information technology global system integrators and resellers to provide clients with access to products and services opportunities within federal agencies and the Department of Defense. Avonis is also licensed by the U.S. Department of State as an authorized broker and exporter of ITAR-regulated items to international markets.

A privately-held company established in 2000, Avonis is located in the West Palm Beach, Florida area and employs both full-time employees and a network of associates across the country. To learn more, visit


Digital Info Security Co/Digital 7 Inc. (OTC PINK: DGIF) with its acquisition of Data Source Inc. (a fully owned subsidiary of DGIF) is a data management company that specializes in Legacy Data and the conversion and management of that Data.

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