COPsync Cutting-Edge Technology Helps Rescue Kidnapped Teen

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN) today announced that the Junction, TX, Police Department used the COPsync Network™ to aid in the identification and rescue of a missing teenager. The COPsync Network is an advanced communication and information sharing system that protects citizens from violence and domestic terrorism. Community and officer security is increased with advance warnings of dangerous people and real-time notification of crimes in progress. The COPsync911™ threat-alert system safeguards schools and other high-risk targets such as courthouses, government buildings and energy infrastructure. COPsync’s systems can save minutes when seconds count, save lives and protect citizens and communities.

In Junction, TX, an officer was on a so-called “routine” traffic stop — but for the nation’s law enforcement officers, there’s no such thing as routine. While speaking with the teenage female passenger in the vehicle, the officer became concerned that there was more to the story than what he was being told by the people traveling with her. Searches on multiple databases proved unsuccessful in providing information about the teenager. The investigating officer requested the help of an officer operating a patrol vehicle equipped with access to the COPsync Network. From information in the COPsync Network database of non-adjudicated law enforcement information, the girl was identified as missing from California. This is the second time in weeks where the COPsync Network has been publicly credited with helping stop a crime in progress. The system was recently reported to have been used by Meridian, MS officers to identify two North Carolina murder suspects.

A child goes missing in America almost every 40 seconds. Teenagers ages 12 – 17 are reported to be the most frequent victims of kidnappings, and approximately 765,000 children per year are abducted. Of the children who are abducted and murdered, seventy-six percent are dead within three hours of the abduction. Agencies on the COPsync Network are able to share among themselves valuable real-time and cross-jurisdictional information that is key to rescuing abducted children.

Ward E. Leber, COPsync board member and founder of the Child Safety Network (CSN), who has testified before Congress as an expert witness on the topic of missing and abused children, stated, “Combined with the quick thinking of police, the COPsync law enforcement real-time information sharing and communication Network is a life-saving tool. In this instance, a teenage girl was rescued from a dangerous and unknown fate. At the Child Safety Network, we advocate for the well-being of children every day, and we applaud the law enforcement and schools that use COPsync technology to keep children safer.”

About COPsync, Inc.

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN) is a technology company that connects law enforcement officers across the nation, so they can communicate and share mission-critical information in real-time. This saves officers’ lives and keeps the public safer; helps law enforcement officers catch common criminals and stop child kidnappings, vehicle thefts, bank robberies and other crimes in progress, and arms the nation’s law enforcement officers with needed information so they can help defend against terrorism. For more information, go to