StoneRiver Universal Reinsurance System Version 8 Now Available

StoneRiver, Inc., the trusted insurance technology partner with solutions across multiple business lines, today announced the release of the Universal Reinsurance System (URS®) version 8.0. Version 8 further expands the software’s ability to integrate with carriers’ enterprise systems as it is now platform neutral. The URS software can be deployed on a carrier’s choice of platform and allows existing clients to migrate to a different platform based on their technical preferences. In addition, StoneRiver’s development process is simplified as a result of the platform-agnostic technology.

The URS system has more flexibility to interact with external systems with a simplified interface and can map specific reinsurance contract business criteria much more efficiently. The new interface process gives users the option to use third party reporting tools to easily report against all reinsurance data.

StoneRiver Vice President of Business Operations Sue Peirce said, “While a technological update was the primary driver for the URS version 8.0 project, there are a number of enhancements that benefit both the business and technical staff for a carrier. These enhancements provide not only substantial business value to the reinsurance administrators but also the technical maintenance and support factors of URS. Our customers are already moving to the new version.

“Regardless of market conditions, the StoneRiver URS team continues developing and delivering innovative reinsurance processing solutions that help insurance organizations maximize reinsurance recoverable dollars and improve their surplus position.”

About StoneRiver, Inc.
StoneRiver delivers the industry’s widest range of value-oriented technology solutions and services to insurance carriers, agents and broker-dealers. This versatile product group encompasses front-office, policy, claims, rating, underwriting, billing and reinsurance automation for all major business lines. Hundreds of companies of all sizes rely on StoneRiver software and processing solutions to achieve a competitive edge. Customer satisfaction and client success are the continuing goal, and are in large part achieved by maintaining and valuing strong, long-term customer relationships.