Kaltura Disrupts the Classroom Experience with the Launch of its New Lecture Capture Solution

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, today announced that it has launched its new Lecture Capture solution. Built on the market-leading Kaltura Video Platform — deployed by hundreds of educational institutions worldwide — Kaltura Lecture Capture allows faculty to easily and simply record any lecture at the click of a button.

Kaltura Lecture Capture can seamlessly ingest media from any hardware solution and recording device. All media flows automatically into the Kaltura Video Platform for easy management, reuse and publishing across campus.

With the launch of its new Lecture Capture solution for the classroom, Kaltura covers the full gamut of video solutions in education with its comprehensive media technology platform. Kaltura now provides educational institutions lecture capture, personal capture, VOD, and live broadcast solutions, fully integrated into the Learning Management Systems, and the Kaltura powered video portal. Kaltura allows faculty, students, and administrators to share and access their videos across all video applications, and easily reuse videos across the campus for: teaching and learning, marketing, admissions, student life, athletics, alumni relations, and more.

“As video rapidly makes its way into every function across campus and beyond, schools are looking for more centralized and integrated video solutions, to increase efficiency, cut costs and enable more engaging learning experiences,” commented Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO. “Kaltura has been a true pioneer in innovative video solutions in the world of education for years now with our disruptive video portal, deep LMS integrations, personal capture tool, interactive video quizzing, and full accessibility and discoverability solution. We are now excited to introduce our next generation lecture capture solution that provides an open, flexible and far more user-friendly alternative to the traditional capture solutions in the market.”

Kaltura Lecture Capture has a very simple user interface, requiring only one intuitive click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. The system can be deployed on any Windows computer, and record cameras and screen captures in Full HD (1080p). This easy set-up, along with Kaltura’s full interoperability with any hardware system, allows schools to quickly get started and easily record classes in all classrooms, not just major auditoriums. To learn more and request a demo of Kaltura Lecture Capture, go to: https://corp.kaltura.com/Video-Solutions/Lecture-Capture

In line with its steadfast commitment to openness and collaboration, Kaltura is a founding member of the IMS Global Open Capture Standard, whose standard assures interoperability between lecture capture solutions. Many solution providers comply with the standard, and Kaltura’s open platform allows to easily ingest and export content to and from any such provider.

About Kaltura

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The company is committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 150,000 community members. For more information visit www.kaltura.com.