Nextreaming Brings Live TV to the iPhone

Nextreaming , leading provider of multimedia SW for handsets, announced the commercial availability of NexPlayer™ (mobile video player) for the Apple iPhone. The player is showing premium quality for video and music streaming services through Mobile Operator Networks and also through Wireless Internet.

The player is now ready for Mobile Network Operators who will distribute it via the iPhone Application Store. The player functionality and user interface are customizable and can be combined or integrated into any other existing applications from the Mobile Operators or Service Providers.

The excellent video and audio quality provided by NexPlayer™ on the iPhone is based on the large experience of Nextreaming in optimizing its media player for particular handsets and platforms. The player includes the latest codecs and protocols, which are market proven with many Operator handsets powered by the company already. This includes robustness and secured interoperability with Operator services, but also the best video quality and user experience with the iPhone device.

Dr Il-Taek Lim (Nextreaming CEO) said: “The excellent market acceptance of iPhone and its powerful performances make it a strategic device for Nextreaming player. With the always aim to provide the best multimedia handset experience for the different Operator services, Nextreaming decided to add iPhone to the list of powered devices. The result of an intensive optimization of our SW for the iPhone is bringing now the result, enabling premium multimedia services at the iPhone with existing mobile platforms or with any new or updated one. Nextreaming will keep working on the iPhone player, updating the SW to the market and customers demands continuously.

About Nextreaming

Nextreaming is a global mobile SW company with Headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and branches in Europe, Taiwan and China.

Nextreaming is the leading global provider of high quality embedded multimedia SW for mobile devices. More than 120 handset models worldwide using Nextreaming SW have been successfully released in the market. The most popular Nextreaming product is NexPlayer™, media player supporting Internet, Operators and Broadcasting TV services and providing always the best user experience.

Nextreaming is also known for its excellent customer support and highly competitive time to market. For more information, visit