Voxelus, Inc. announces the launch of “Voxelus Studios” to produce Virtual Reality (VR) projects for outside clients

Voxelus, Inc. announces the formation of an independent production division, “Voxelus Studios,” dedicated to the production of immersive Virtual Reality content for the entertainment, education, sports, retail and advertising industries. To initiate the new service, Voxelus Studios will be inviting a select group of industry leaders, to participate in a special “Partner Developer Program” (or “PDP”). The PDP allows content developers and creative agencies to experiment with VR at very low risk, while opening up opportunities in a growing and powerful media platform.

Virtual Reality platforms currently reach a community of over two million users and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the next 2-3 years as more viewing devices get into consumer hands. As companies like Google, Facebook and Samsung provide new and affordable devices to support immersive content, there will be a huge demand for quality, accessible content, which is the niche being pioneered by Voxelus.

“VR technology has transformed the video gaming industry,” says Voxelus CEO, Martin Repetto. “But there are also compelling use cases for creative marketing, commerce and storytelling applications. The Voxelus Studios design team has the experience and resources to provide the highest quality service, utilizing the latest technology to produce distinctive and innovative VR content for our clients.”

“The Voxelus platform was always intended to be the easiest way, for enthusiasts to develop their own VR content,” adds Voxelus Chairman, Halsey Minor. “The software has much more potential than that. In the hands of the Voxelus Studios design team, VR production becomes a powerful and affordable option for innovative brands, media companies and agencies.”

About Voxelus, Inc.
Founded in 2015, Voxelus, Inc. is a revolutionary platform that allows anyone to create Virtual Reality games, experiences and virtual spaces without writing a line of code. The platform consists of Voxelus Creator, a 3D design app for PC and Mac; Voxelus Viewer, which works on desktop PCs, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR devices; and the Voxelus Marketplace, which allows creators to sell and user to buy VR content and games for the Voxelus ecosystem, using the unique Voxel in-game cryptocurrency. Voxelus co-founder, Halsey Minor, is a pioneering Internet entrepreneur and founding executive of C/Net, Salesforce and Google Voice.