Guitammer Announces New International Theatre Projects

The Guitammer Company (OTCQB: GTMM), the worldwide leader in haptic-tactile broadcast technology and creator of the patented award-winning ButtKicker®-brand low frequency audio transducers that provide a uniquely immersive entertainment experience, announced today that it had been awarded contracts to install its low frequency transducers in three new international auditoriums totaling almost 500 new seats. This will bring the Company’s total deployment to 29 international auditoriums with over 6,000 seats. The company’s domestic US cinema business continues to grow from its current base of 132 auditoriums and over 26,000 seats with substantial additions slated to be installed over the next 9 months.

The first international project consists of enhancing all 306 seats in two cinema auditoriums in a six cinema multi-plex in East Asia. Each seat will be outfitted with one ButtKicker® brand low frequency transducer. The second project enhances all 193 seats in a specialty theater installation in the Gulf States. Each seat will be outfitted with one of the Company’s newly released K3 low frequency transducers. For both projects Guitammer is providing design and project management service including sending one of its cinema technicians to the project site to supervise the installation and integration of the ButtKicker / K3 system into the cinema’s sound system. Guitammer is supplying all the hardware, including amplifiers, wiring, etc. required to install the ButtKicker and K3 system.

“We continue to see strong demand from international and domestic theaters for our immersive cinema solutions,” said Mark A. Luden, Guitammer’s CEO. “And, we are beginning to see more exhibitors upgrade multiple auditoriums in a single complex. In the case of the East Asian project, one third of the six auditoriums will be enhanced with our ButtKicker system. By providing complete solutions for both projects, we are able to better serve our customers and increase our top line and gross margin dollars for cinema installations.”

The East Asian project is expected to be opened in June of this year; and the Gulf States project at the end of this summer or early Fall. Guitammer will provide more details at those times.

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