Grasp Technologies Pushes toward AI with Travel Data

Grasp Technologies, the leader in travel data management, consolidation and visualization for travel management and enterprise clients, has “broke ground” on development for new products. “The level of intelligence we offer to enterprise customers has raised significantly in the last few quarters,” says Erik Mueller, CEO and founder of Grasp.

The biggest impact is in the quality of data surrounding supplier management, travel policy management, TMC management and duty of care.

Supplier management has recently come under spotlight as the practice shifted from a small arm-resource to full-perspective business operation, and sales teams from every service line have honed in. “We’ve seen the need for technology to work smarter for these business units spike many times in the last year, and as a result we’ve pushed our quality of data to industry forefront,” says Mueller.

Similar pressure is placed on travel management as T&E is continuously named a top controllable expense in large business. Grasp Technologies primarily works for global corporations, TMC’s, financial institutions, and travel management teams employing and optimizing disparate, global travel data.

Later this year, Grasp will open beta on its virtual travel manager (VTM) tool. The system will be the first of its kind in the industry. Mueller says, “We are very excited to be in this position with travel data; to take it beyond reporting, to have programs that will self-identify needs as well as ways of improvement.”

Grasp will be releasing this new technology in development phases focused on travel program updates, user interactivity and machine learning.

About Grasp Technologies
Grasp Technologies helps clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support. Grasp was founded in 1996 and works extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries worldwide.