Applied Recognition awarded US Patent for “Face Recognition and Mirroring”

Applied Recognition Inc. is pleased to announce the award of a patent for a pivotal and innovative technology involving the next generation of face recognition as it applies to advertising, entertainment and social networks.

The United States Patent Office has awarded Applied Recognition patent # 9,639,740. The patent protects an exclusive technology for detecting and using faces in images for personalized advertising, personalized computer game faces, missing-person searches, and truly immersive animations and movies.

“In 2002, the DreamWorks blockbuster Minority Report wowed audiences worldwide with a vision of a future where advertisements would recognize and self-customize for individuals. Today, similar services and more are finally possible based on the science behind our patent”, said Ray Ganong, co-CEO and CTO of Applied Recognition, Inc.

This new face detection and recognition technology makes it easy for companies to present truly personalized marketing messages. Our brains are hard-wired to respond to faces. Cells in the ‘fusiform gyrus’ part of the brain (sometimes called the fusiform face area) only respond when they see a face. No other object can get them to react. Faces are therefore a great way to use the brain’s natural processes to capture someone’s attention.

Imagine shopping online for new clothes and seeing your face in place of a generic model. Or visiting an eyewear website and being able to swap your face behind different styles of glasses. In addition to launching the next generation of truly tailored marketing, the technology unlocks hundreds of unique and meaningful opportunities, including:

  • Web developers and online advertisers can harness the attention-attracting power of subscriber faces to boost engagement and clickthroughs
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia patients can boost their memory with personalized face matching games
  • Schools, universities, sports teams and clubs can easily extract and use individual faces from large group photos
  • Gamers can make online games more realistic by mapping friends faces onto player avatars
  • Manufacturers and retailers can automatically personalize printed products with customer faces

“The market opportunity here is enormous. Applied Recognition’s technology now makes it easy for companies to create the next generation of truly personalized products and services. We are delighted that The United States Patent Office has recognized the novelty and precedence of our innovative and broadly-applicable research and development efforts in this area”, said Don Waugh, Co-CEO, Applied Recognition, Inc.

About Applied Recognition

APPLIED RECOGNITION INC.’s mission is to develop and apply face biometrics for a better digital world. Since 2005, Applied Recognition has been perfecting facial recognition technology and so has developed an extensive portfolio of patents in facial detection, attention and emotion recognition, and enterprise-grade, biometric authentication technology. Applied Recognition works in partnership with financial institutions, other enterprises, and software developers to provide identification and authentication solutions to protect people, their credentials and their transactions, as well as the detection and recognition of people’s attention and emotions. Licensing is available for Windows, Apple, Android and iOS and common server platform SDKs. Some services can be delivered via an API. To learn more, visit