Lucid Fusion Builds Fully Integrated WordPress-To-Shopify Plus Website

Digital agency Lucid Fusion has developed a revolutionary new website in collaboration with The Hundreds that features seamless integration between WordPress and Shopify Plus — a first-of-its-kind innovation in the current eCommerce landscape.

Using The Hundreds brand’s original WordPress site as a base, Lucid Fusion has built a custom framework that links blog functionality with Shopify Plus’ robust eCommerce platform, effectively fusing two typically disparate entities into one completely new, content-rich shopping experience. On the front-end, visitors are 100% supported by the Shopify Plus platform, which is able to easily sustain a vast catalog of products, high traffic, and unlimited transactions. On the back-end, the The Hundreds team is able to use the familiar functionality of WordPress to upload, edit, and manage content that is then synced in real time with Shopify Plus on the front-end. The result is a truly seamless, globally user-friendly, and elegant blog-to-cart experience that is unrivaled in eCommerce.

“We’re combining two very different platforms, written in different programming languages, hosted on different networks, etc.,” explains Ben Fried, CTO at Lucid Fusion. “Things you’d normally take for granted, like uploading an image in a blog post, become inherently complicated. Here, something uploaded in WordPress ultimately has to live in Shopify Plus — so where does that image go? Every single little detail has to be thought of and accounted for in order for this system to really work seamlessly.”

By enabling The Hundreds to keep their CMS of choice (along with 9,000+ blog articles and 600,000+ images dating back more than a decade) and connecting it with Shopify Plus, Lucid Fusion has created a customized eCommerce experience that not only embodies the brand’s unique vision, but also provides a robust, scalable platform for brand growth. Results to date have been very encouraging, including a 12% increase in average order value.

“Lucid Fusion has managed to take everything we want and somehow streamline it into a site that resonates within our brand structure,” shares The Hundreds Co-founder Bobby Hundreds. “We’ve had a very trying process of trying to have these two worlds (content and commerce) collide and make sense. What we’re seeing so far is that we CAN do it. We’re creating a space where the story and the product rely on each other.”

“Collaboration is key when you’re trying to accomplish something this unique,” adds Lucid Fusion founder Zubin Mowlavi. “Our team worked very closely with the team at The Hundreds to ensure that we were truly capturing the soul of the brand while also making something functional that maximized the capabilities of the Shopify Plus platform. The eCommerce success we’ve seen since launch certainly speaks for itself.”

Lucid Fusion is an Irvine, California-based, award winning digital agency and Shopify Plus partner that specializes in design, development, and migration of eCommerce websites to the Shopify Plus platform.