Interana Extends Leadership in Analyzing Behavior Across Diverse Data Sources

Interana, the leader in interactive behavioral analytics, today announced the general availability of Interana 2.24. Notable features include a new streaming ingest API, JavaScript SDK, and integrations with Segment, mParticle, and Kafka for quicker and simpler data ingest across multiple data sources.

New capabilities to solve customers’ behavioral analytics needs

As more people rely on data to inform and guide critical decisions, analytics solutions need to be capable of rapidly analyzing large volumes of data across multiple sources. While scalability and performance are often seen as the most important characteristics of analytics solutions, a survey of 170 analytics end-users conducted by Interana earlier this year found that 43% of respondents felt their solution was not flexible enough to meet their needs. This lack of flexibility is often due to analytic solutions’ architectures that restrict what, how, and when data can be ingested.

Unlike analytics solutions with approaches limited to client tagging, Interana 2.24 offers a variety of options to ingest event data, making it easy for users to blend data from disparate sources for holistic analysis and exploration. Users can ingest data into Interana by importing event files or using Kafka consumption or the new streaming ingest API to connect to existing data pipelines and other upstream data sources.

“Enabling people to routinely and interactively explore real behavior to inform everything they do has been our core vision from the very beginning,” said Christina Noren, chief product officer at Interana. “Interana 2.24 further extends our leadership in offering interactive behavioral analytics across all sources of event data and supports accelerating trends toward modern data pipelines.”

New features in Interana 2.24 include:

  • Streaming ingest API to accept events via an HTTP API in addition to ingesting events in the form of files
  • JavaScript SDK to track client events and send them to Interana via the streaming ingest API
  • New integrations with Segment and mParticle
  • Ability to consume from external Kafka topics
  • Easier exploration from dashboards

Availability and additional information

Interana 2.24 is generally available today. More information about Interana 2.24, including the official release notes, can be found online on Interana’s documentation page.

Existing customers who would like more information on Interana 2.24 or to upgrade their Interana instance should contact their dedicated Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.

About Interana
Global businesses like Bing, Reddit, and Comcast use Interana’s behavioral analytics software to explore how people and things interact with their digital service. Interana’s powerful backend database and visual, collaborative interface let everyone — from product and data to customer success — ask any question, get behavioral insights in seconds, and make data-informed decisions on the fly. Start exploring today by signing up for Interana’s public demo or learn more by visiting