Granicus, Inc. Releases Encoder to Connect Public Access Channels to AT&T U-verse

Granicus, Inc. , the leading provider of government webcasting solutions, today announced the release of its new streaming encoder, specifically designed to connect public, educational and government access (PEG) programming to AT&T’s U-verse Internet Protocol (IP)-based video delivery network. Granicus has expanded the functionality of its audio and video streaming encoder, Granicus ® Outcast Encoder™, to be 100% compatible with the U-verse system. The Granicus solution provides a cost-effective way for governments to increase the quality and accessibility of their public access channels by supporting high-quality distribution to the U-verse network and the web.

“Protecting and improving the accessibility of PEG programming is particularly important as today’s uncertain economic climate increases demands for government transparency and causes citizens to turn to their governments for guidance and support,” says Tom Spengler, Co-Founder and CEO of Granicus, Inc. “Granicus is firmly committed to ensuring local governments have the technology and ongoing support they need to effectively extend PEG programming to the web and Internet TV services such as U-verse. In states where U-verse is reaching an increasing number of households, Granicus is working hard to assure public access channels can connect with best-in-class quality – at affordable rates,” adds Spengler.

Granicus Outcast Encoder with U-verse Compatibility aims to help local governments:

  • Increase public availability of PEG content through a low-cost, high-impact model of PEG channel distribution – online and over IPTV.
  • Improve the reliability and quality of digital encoding and video transmission to U-verse and the web. Our fully managed encoder solution assures video performance is consistently high through remote systems monitoring, 24/7 technical support, and software for auto-reboot and auto-reconnect – as well as automatic software upgrades.
  • Reach more constituents by increasing the visibility of public access programming with webcasting functionality. With or without U-verse, cities can add on-demand webcasting capability that lets content producers control when, where, and how content is distributed online.

The Outcast Encoder with U-verse Compatibility digitally converts, manages, and transmits video signals to an IPTV-based network in the highest quality digital format. The technology simultaneously encodes multiple streams of audio and video at different resolutions and bit rates – from a single output. Additionally, it’s built to handle all types of video inputs, from analog to uncompressed digital streams. The end result is consistency: a digitally compressed signal leveraging the Windows Media Video format, ready for distribution to U-verse and the web.

With Granicus, local governments also gain access to a live and on-demand webcasting solution without adding hardware or spending more money. You get live indexing capability, video trimming, automatic web publishing, and long-term archiving. The Granicus encoder and webcasting solution is currently relied on by more than 500 government agencies nationwide.

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About Granicus

Founded in 1999, San Francisco-based Granicus, Inc. helps government reach staff and constituents without barriers. Public agencies trust our webcasting solutions to enable vital improvements to public access, staff efficiency, and government accountability. In addition, the combination of webcasting with public meeting management technology into a single workflow decreases administrative costs and simplifies public recordkeeping tasks. Granicus serves more than 500 governing bodies in 44 states, building close connections with more than 30% of the American population.