AFGlobal Enters License Agreement with EPSI

AFGlobal announced today that is has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Environment & Power Systems International, LLC (EPSI) for the provision of its proprietary VOCGEN technology. This collaboration forms the basis of the Airem™ environmental solution that combines the efficient removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the ability to provide clean and reliable energy.

AFGlobal, mindful of the challenges arising from the demand for a global reduction of air pollution and carbon emissions and the need for energy independence and security, presents an alternative to decades-old technologies and methods. The Airem environmental solution is a combined heat and power system designed for continuous and/or intermittent duty in extreme environments and demanding operating requirements.

“With this agreement in place, AFGlobal aims to broaden its portfolio in the environmental space,” commented Rob Marchitello, President, Applied Technologies for AFGlobal. “We will leverage our deep experience as an OEM serving a wide range of industries to bring the Airem technology to market.”

“Today’s announcement represents a historical milestone in the advancement of the benefits of industrial energy efficiency, effectively decreasing ground-level Ozone, toxics and carbon (CO2e) better than utility-scale renewables by a factor of three,” commented Steve Sexton, President, Environment & Power Systems International.

The Airem environmental solution is a commercially available VOC abatement solution that provides efficient, ecologically beneficial energy and security for a range of industries with an impressive return on investment.

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