Immuta and the Future of Privacy Forum Release First-Ever Risk Management Framework for AI and Machine Learning

Immuta and the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) today announced the first-ever framework for practitioners to manage risk in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. Their joint whitepaper, Beyond Explainability: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk in Machine Learning Models, provides business executives, data scientists, and compliance professionals with a strategic guide for governing the legal, privacy, and ethical risks associated with this technology.

New risks are emerging as AI and ML are increasingly adopted by enterprises across industries. In Beyond Explainability, Immuta and FPF provide compliance personnel and data scientists with concrete steps for minimizing these risks at scale, leveraging Immuta’s experience managing and deploying models and the FPF’s expertise with applying privacy principles and responsible data policies.

“While algorithms are never free from risk, there are concrete steps that we can take to thoroughly document and monitor machine learning models throughout their lifecycle,” said Andrew Burt, chief privacy officer and legal engineer, Immuta. “Future of Privacy Forum continues to show leadership and foresight to help commercial organizations navigate the new privacy challenges of machine learning. By partnering with the FPF on this whitepaper, we are able to provide clear guidance and best practices to data scientists and compliance teams for designing, using, and maintaining more accurate and more responsible machine models.”

The FPF is a leading non-profit organization for guidance on privacy and data governance issues, working in partnership with industry, leading academics, and other civil society stakeholders. Together, Immuta and FPF have created a comprehensive framework to help govern machine learning models, establishing effective communication between the two, independent organizational perspectives represented by compliance departments and data science programs. These perspectives must be aligned now more than ever for machine learning models to be successfully developed and used across the enterprise.

“Rapid technological innovation associated with AI and machine learning has created new ethical and governance challenges,” said Brenda Leong, senior counsel and director of strategy, Future of Privacy Forum. “Through our partnership with Immuta, we seek to clarify those challenges and provide practical solutions by developing a workable business template for enterprises using machine learning models and AI technologies.”

Download a copy of the Beyond Explainability whitepaper today, including a “Model Management Checklist” to aid practitioners as they build, test, and monitor machine learning models at: This link also features a video of Andrew Burt and Brenda Leong discussing the goals of this whitepaper and Immuta’s partnership with FPF.

To learn more, visit Immuta at or Future of Privacy Forum at Follow both on Twitter at @ImmutaData and @futureofprivacy.

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