Audian Teams Up with TeamsCode to Support Programming Contest

To help promote the role of computer programming in driving innovation in tomorrow’s economy, Audian, a Unified Communications solutions provider, has pledged a Gold Level sponsorship for the upcoming TeamsCode Fall 2018 Mercer Island High School Programming Contest being held October 20th. TeamsCode is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to encourage high school students to study computer science through contests and online programming lessons.

“Without a foundation in computer science and programming, our technologies and entire company would not exist, so we feel it is essential to continue supporting the next generation of innovators through TeamsCode,” said Brandon Bazemore, CEO of Audian. “It is clear to us that today’s students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, so we must do whatever we can to promote opportunities like this. It’s exciting to think about what life-changing technologies we are planting the seeds for today.”

Early in his IT career, Bazemore encountered a problem many executives come across – he wasn’t happy with the phone system his own company had. But because he had his own strong background in computer science, rather than buy a new telecom solution in the market, he decided to build one for himself that he knew would suit his business’ needs. This innovation went on to become Audian. As part of the Gold Level contest sponsorship, Bazemore will share his experience and advice as a programmer turned entrepreneur to the programming teams.

TeamsCode is now accepting applications for teams of up to three middle or high school students to participate in Intermediate and Advanced categories. This contest will be TeamsCode’s first event with free registration, helping to bring computer science experience to a wider audience. For the contest, TeamsCode will create a selection of programming problems, giving teams early experience with complex data structures and algorithms, solving questions using Java, C++, C#, or Python programming languages.

About Audian

Audian is a Unified Communications solution provider that helps businesses leverage modern day technology to help simplify the complexities once associated with telecommunications. Audian’s unique approach caters solutions to the customer while automating many of the outdated, time-consuming tasks that have traditionally been associated with telecom. To learn more, please visit

About TeamsCode

TeamsCode is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to encourage high school students to study computer science. We work with the Computer Science Teacher’s Association and other sponsors to create awesome programming contests and build online programming lessons in order to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam. Find a contest and more program information at