NEC Electronics America Names New General Manager of Company’s Multipurpose Microcontroller Strategic Business Unit

NEC Electronics America, Inc. today announced the appointment of Bob Pinteric as the company ‘ s new general manager of the Multipurpose Microcontroller (MCU) Strategic Business Unit, and will report to Jim Trent, vice president of the Multipurpose Microcontroller and Automotive Group. Mr. Pinteric will be responsible for managing the company ‘ s MCU business and for overseeing activities related to MCU marketing, sales, applications, quality and production planning.

In his more than 22 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Mr. Pinteric held a number of leadership positions including MCU marketing manager, infotainment operations manager, and director of a flash memory development center while at Motorola/Freescale.

“ NEC Electronics America is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Pinteric to the NEC Electronics family, and we look forward to leveraging his talents to expand our MCU business, ” said Jim Trent. “ We are confident that his experience and leadership will help move us to new levels of excellence and success.”

A member of IEEE and a published author of several industry articles on MCU applications, Mr. Pinteric has presented papers and participated in panel discussions at various industry conferences, and holds a master of business administration (MBA) degree and a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering (BSEE).

About NEC Electronics Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics America offers a comprehensive lineup of All Flash ™ MCUs ranging from 8- to 32-bit, all of which are designed to meet the price and performance needs of high-volume embedded, consumer and automotive applications.

NEC Electronics America ‘ s diverse 8-bit lineup includes a full range of devices in packages with pins ranging from 16 to 144 and ROM and flash memory capacities ranging from 1 to 128 KB. The 32-bit offering consists of three cores — V850 ™ , V850E ™ and V850ES ™ — that can execute from 29 to 400 million instructions per second (MIPS). With memory sizes ranging from 64 KB to 1 MB and packages with pins ranging from 64 to 176, the 32-bit lineup is a price-performance leader.