Web3 Social Media Platform DSCVR Launches on Solana Blockchain

DSCVR (pronounced “discover”), the largest Web3 social media and community building platform, is announcing its launch on the Solana Ecosystem. Already boasting well over 200,000 users, the integration will expand DSCVR’s tokenized communities and crypto asset functionality to the number of users building, engaging and transacting on Solana. The platform has also developed a Solana-centric content and user experience to provide a social networking platform for the Solana community.

DSCVR was founded as an alternative to traditional social media, giving users a social and community-building platform empowered by native crypto functionality, seamless monetization, and an open API. The announcement precedes Solana Breakpoint, the annual event convening and connecting developers, artists, creators, and academics within the Solana ecosystem.

“At DSCVR we are committed to growing crypto communities and expanding our users’ access to a wide variety of Web3 projects through new collaborations and integrations,” said Rick Porter, CEO and co-founder of DSCVR. “By partnering within the Solana ecosystem, we’re able to support the millions of existing Solana projects, users, developers, and creators who want to use the DSCVR platform to build communities, engage and increasingly transact.”

Launching on Solana will allow DSCVR to introduce and integrate its core SocialFi functionality – combining the principles of social media and decentralized finance – to the platform. Users will be able to connect to their Phantom wallet, receive airdrops, view and transact assets, display verified PFPs, and create token- gated communities. In addition, communities and partners will be able to utilize innovative social and asset graph targeting to foster community growth.

Upon launch, selected alpha integrations including Magic Eden, FamousFoxFederation, Blocksmith Labs and SharkyFi will enable digital asset transactions in the DSCVR feed, within communities, and through user-curated galleries. In the month following the launch, DSCVR will be highlighting its launch partners from the Solana ecosystem including MonkeDAO, Solcasino, Smyths, Meegos, YakuCorp, Aurory, CyberFrogs, StonedApeCrew, and dozens more. The marketing campaign will feature a different community each day with airdrops, giveaways, and activities.

“For web3 social to succeed, it needs to go beyond just moving existing social media on-chain to providing net new functionality for users,” said Alexa Smith, Beacon Fund Manager at Polychain Capital. “DSCVR has been able to grow their user base by doing just that – enabling web3 projects and crypto communities to curate novel social experiences and transact directly on a social platform. We are excited to see DSCVR SocialFi expanding to new ecosystems.”

Following the launch, DSCVR will host it’s official launch party on October 31st at Soho House during Solana’s Breakpoint conference taking place in Amsterdam.

To learn more about DSCVR, please visit https://dscvr.one and follow us on Twitter at @DSCVR1.


DSCVR (pronounced “Discover”) is the social network for crypto communities, projects and enthusiasts. With 200K+ users, the SocialFi platform has become a launchpad for tokenized communities where users can configure governance, gate based on token ownership, airdrop token rewards and earn digital assets. DSCVR’s upcoming Open API will allow partners to build applications that target through the social graph, distribute through the feed, and monetize in posts. In the face of increasing frustration with Web2 social DSCVR is bringing back openness, fairness, and optimism. DSCVR’s investors include Polychain Capital, Upfront Ventures, BDMI, Shima Capital, Tomahawk VC, and Fyrfly Venture Partners.