InterNiche Technologies Releases v3.1 of its Embedded Protocol and Announces Availability of RTP/RTCP and SNTP Modules

InterNiche Technologies has today announced the release of its v3.1 product line and introduced implementations of RTP/RTCP for transport and control of real-time data and the SNTP time synchronization protocol as part of its core TCP/IP stack releases. As with all of its modules, RTP and SNTP have been designed specifically for use in embedded devices and to be portable to all microprocessor architectures and operating systems.

NicheStack release v3.1 provides a comprehensive update to InterNiche’s entire catalog of embedded networking stacks, device management applications, utilities and security protocols. In addition to new products, v3.1 delivers improved interoperability, higher efficiency and new features that respond to the growing demands of the device networking market.

NicheStack v3.1 product families offer comprehensive support of TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking and device management standards, a seamless upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 host support, utility protocols and tools for both IP standards. Moreover, the availability of RTP/RTCP and SNTP protocol implementations as well as enhanced security capabilities sets NicheStack v3.1 apart from other commercially available protocol modules.

NicheStack technology is delivered in IPv4, IPv6, dual IPv4/IPv6 or ultra-compact NicheLite configurations. With this release, InterNiche reinforces its position as the leading supplier of device connection software in next generation network infrastructures. Stack throughput is matched to the performance levels of high speed LAN’s, efficient device security implementations and robust support for cellular and wireless applications. In all formats NicheStack offers functionality and footprint sizes that suit small embedded, sensor and control devices just as well as high powered applications such as industrial, medical, office automation and enterprise connectivity networks.

“InterNiche is delighted to release version 3.1 and its new modules, RTP and SNTP. We strive to keep our software at the forefront of the embedded protocol market and with the enhancements of release 3.1 InterNiche is once again demonstrating its ability to deliver on that commitment” said Larry Larder, president of InterNiche Technologies, Inc.

About InterNiche

InterNiche Technologies has been developing and licensing networking management and configuration software for embedded systems since 1989. Millions of products depend on InterNiche software as part of their core functionality. Customers include companies such as 3COM, Ericsson, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Motorola, NEC, Nortel Networks, NXP, Polycom, Quantum Raytheon, Samsung, Siemens, and many more.