Smashes Into the Top 250 Websites Worldwide, the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, today broke into the coveted top 250 websites worldwide, according to, while noting a massive 30% upswing in traffic for the month of January.

“Everything is up: projects, sign ups and traffic. Every metric we have indicates that Freelancer is headed for a massive year. We are incredibly excited to be in the position we are in today,” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of “This company has been profitable every month of its existence and that is due, not only to the continued strength and security of our marketplace, but also to the unending demand for highly skilled, affordable and liquid labor,” he continued.

“When you think of huge websites you automatically think of Google and Facebook, the sites that people use everyday,” stated Barrie. “This is the way outsourcing is going. Whether it’s a virtual assistant to help you manage your busy schedule or unique logo design for your child’s birthday party, outsourcing has become so affordable that everyone is doing it,” he continued.

The fact that the outsourcing platform has reached such heights is not surprising. Over the past year the world of digital work has reached unforeseeable heights, now even broadening to the consumer level. Outsourcing, a business practice that was once considered to be only for large companies, was quickly adopted by small and medium sized businesses looking to cut cost and quickly jump into the marketplace, and has now reached even to the individual level with everyday people outsourcing individual tasks on a project basis.

About Freelancer is the largest outsourcing marketplace in the world. Through, businesses connect with independent service providers and freelancers. connects over 2 million professionals from all over the world. Through our website, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering and the sciences, sales & marketing, and accounting & legal services. The average job is under US $200, making extremely cost effective for small businesses, which often need a wide variety of jobs to be done, but cannot justify the expense of hiring full time.