Humorist Tommy Zman Launches Long Awaited Website: Rants From a Social Cromag

Tommy Zarzecki, known for his feature writing in Cigar Magazine, and creator and writer of JR Cigars Blog with the Zman, has finally launched his new website, – a collection of rants, irreverence, reviews and (man-food) recipes.

Growing up in the bowels of northern New Jersey, parented by an eccentric Polish father and a neurotic Italian mother, what else could this man possibly be other than a humorist?

Known for an eclectic body of works – men’s lifestyle, the world of fine cigars, and the As Seen on TV product genre – Tommy decided it was time to dedicate a home for his own thoughts and expressions, as well as a place to feature a portfolio of successful accomplishments (including his two decades as an advertising and brand executive.)

“I’ve done so much writing, blogging, web work, and creative for everyone else, that it was time to launch a personal assault – my own brand of mental flatulence for those who need a big old time-out from the mundane,” claims Z.

While features successes past and present, it’s his weekly blog that will topple the proverbial applecart, vomiting on political correctness, lifetime politicians, Smoke Nazis, and everything else that is wrong with our world.

The Zman’s Blog: Rants From a Social Cromag™, is hardcore commentary from a “real” guy – someone who considers himself a throwback to a time when men were kings of the castle, and smoking a cigar in public didn’t label you an outcast and a pariah. He’s totally old-school, a down-to-earth guy with traditional values – family and friends are everything, and integrity is all you really have. And when it comes to p.c. obedience, political agendas, and nanny-state legislature, the Zman will never mince words.

“I’m fascinated by people in power who feel the need to play God and save us from ourselves,” says a visibly annoyed Zarzecki. “If I choose to eat a thick steak, have a belt of single malt, enjoy a premium handrolled cigar, and scratch where I need it most … well, I say, if I’m not hurting anyone, then leave me the hell alone! Live your life the way you want, but don’t dare try to tell me what’s best for myself. I’m a big boy and can make my own conscious choices. Got that?”

The term “Social Cromag™” may be a bit of an oxymoron, but Tommy Z feels it fits him perfectly. The outspoken humorist has quite a social media presence, building his huge Facebook fan base one person at a time. And being labeled as a Cromag is actually a hell of a compliment to him.

“A Cromag is true to himself,” the north Jersey native proclaims, “enjoying the good things in life and respecting the world around him. He’s comfortable in his own skin and thrives on the camaraderie of his fellow cave dwellers.” (Or would that be man-cave dwellers?)

The goal of Tommy Z’s new website is to entertain while connecting with those who share a common bond. Zman will feature his cigar pick of the week, a collection of man-food recipes to char the soul, and a glimpse into his new book, entitled Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat? – The Man’s Man Survival Guide to Coexisting with Creatures of the Opposite Sex. While still working on the project, there will be quotes and excerpts highlighted from the upcoming book.

The Zman’s other noted work has him currently co-hosting the new YouTube weekly video show JR CIGAR TUBE with Nathan and the Zman, Publisher of the website, the Last Great Bastion for Real Men, and creator and writer of TeleBrands the Blog. He has appeared on numerous radio shows, including a number of stints on XM/Sirius’s popular Ron & Fez Show and the Livin’ Large Man Show with Geoff Pinkus.