Advertising at Scale: IP Audience Zones Without Cookies

Semcasting, Inc., a leader in predictive data solutions, announced the release of IP Audience Zones. Designed to power Agency Trading Desks, DSPs, Ad Networks and Analytical Platforms, IP Zones is a breakthrough audience identification platform that maps nearly 100% of online home, education and business traffic into qualified, target-ready audiences.

With 3+ times the reach of cookie-based platforms and 77 times more accuracy than zip code geo-targeting, IP Zones employs patented genetic modeling to segment U.S. residents into over 5.2 million IP Zones. Each Zone is scored against 120 demographic variables to form clusters of IP Addresses with common attributes for life stage, affluence, social status, and buying interests. IP Zones is the first compiled demographic database for the Internet using no cookies and which fully protects user privacy.

IP Zones addresses two key problems in online display advertising today: inventory scale and attribution. Currently, 65% of online inventory is without cookies and remains unclassified and undervalued. With over 120 demographic variables to qualify audiences as being in the market and/or having the ability to pay for the product or service being promoted, targeting and attribution is now no longer a guess. IP Zones dramatically increases campaign reach while ensuring exposure to qualified prospective consumers. CPX Interactive, a Digital Advertising Network, will be the first major distribution partner to fully integrate the IP Zone solution. CPX VP of Business and Product Development, Mike Zacharski, explains, “Early on, our industry settled on the ‘cookie’ as the primary tool for audience targeting, and we have been slow to push innovation since that point. However targeting an audience based on the proclivities from their web-surfing habits is still, at best, inferential. Stepping away from the cookie and instead looking at targeting based on real world information about specific households within IP Zones, we have entered a new realm of targeting capabilities. We are excited to be working as a first-mover with Semcasting and we look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.”

IP Audience Zones maintains the highest standards of online privacy and complies with “Do Not Track.” There is no access or linkage to personally identifiable information. There is no application or usage of cookies or tracking pixels. The average number of people in an IP Zone is 146 verses 11,000+ in zip code geo-targeting.

About Semcasting

Semcasting is a supplier of predictive data solutions that help marketers, agencies and ad networks target online and offline customers. IP Audience Zones was built with the same predictive modeling technology used in the development of Semcasting’s premium data. It contains detailed, publicly available and modeled information on more than 227 million individuals–mapped as demographic zone clusters to IP Addresses. Semcasting data is licensed to data compilers and ad networks and is used by hundreds of public and private companies each month for targeting T&E, finance, retail telecommunications, and political campaigns.

About CPX

CPX Interactive is a digital advertising network that has created an end-to-end fully integrated ‘operating system,’ providing advertisers a truly global solution for online display advertising.

Delivering more than 45 billion impressions to more than 250 million unique users in more than 60 countries each month, the company was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing privately held advertising/marketing companies in both 2008 and 2009 and was named one of Advertising Age’s 2010 Best Places to Work.