Webzilla to Upgrade its Network Capacity up to 1Tbs

Webzilla, one of the world’s largest web hosting providers, has completed the expansion of the network and increased its capacity to 1000Gbs.

This week the capacity between Webzilla and Tier 1 networks in the United States of America has been expanded by 160 Gbps by Level3 provider. Thus, the overall capacity of Webzilla datacenters exceeds 1Tbs.

The upgrade will enable Webzilla to continue its growth, thus keeping port utilization at an acceptable level – about 70%. This ensures that at any given time, the company will be able to provide the necessary capacity for both new and current customers for which increase of the project’s scale may be needed.

Webzilla pays great attention to the connectivity in both of its datacenters in the USA and Europe. In addition to high capacity Webzilla has another advantage – the connection to multiple Tier 1 providers, including Level 3, Global Crossing, Telia Sonera, NTT Communications and others. Due to this fact Webzilla can always offer its customers around the world flexible solutions when it comes to routing matters. This measure also allows Webzilla to quickly address any kind of issues with traffic. This is very important for large projects which need to ensure the availability of their servers to users from around the world.

Connections to multiple Tier 1 providers and a capacity of more than 1Tbs enable Webzilla to provide customers with high level connection. Similar service isn’t offered by any other web hosting company in the world.

About Webzilla

Founded in 2005, Webzilla is one of the world’s fastest growing hosting companies. The company has datacenters in the USA and Europe. Webzilla serves some of the internet’s most demanding ventures, game developing companies and payment platforms. Webzilla specializes in fully managed dedicated hosting and colocation services. For more information visit http://www.webzilla.com.