ClickTime Releases Web Timesheet 7.0 with ClickTime Mobile App for Android and iPhone, Inc., a leader in hosted timesheet and expense tracking software, announced the release of ClickTime Web Timesheet 7.0. This latest iteration adds major features, providing business intelligence and data visualization with Dashboards for both managers and employees, offering major project management components in the ClickTime Resource Planning suite, and supporting the mobile workflow with the ClickTime Mobile App for Android and iPhone.

“In this version, we’ve added powerful new functionality while revisiting the interface design and updating the user experience. We’ve revamped and streamlined many of the day-to-day experiences–from the sign-in page to reporting and data sorting,” said David Brockman, Senior Product Manager of

Highlights from the new time tracking and expense software include:

ClickTime Mobile App for Android and iPhone – The perfect mobile companion application for tracking time, expenses, and receipts integrates seamlessly with ClickTime 7.0. This free download for ClickTime users allows employees to shoot and upload receipts directly from any iPhone or Android smartphone.

ClickTime Resource Planning – This revolutionary software suite allows companies to easily track monthly project budgets and efficiently allocate and distribute employee hour and budget resources.

Company Dashboard – ClickTime’s new heads-up display allows administrators, managers, and decision-makers to analyze graphs and charts that make it easy to dynamically discover business trends and obtain key performance indicators vital to companies.

Billing Goals – This new goal and management component integrates seamlessly with time tracking, allowing companies to track and improve billable utilization and easily set and track progress towards billing goals.

Personal Dashboard – The latest iteration of ClickTime displays on-screen updates of real-time daily progress towards billing goals for employees, as set by managers.

Immediate Availability
ClickTime Web Timesheet 7.0 is available at:

ClickTime Mobile for Android and iPhone available for download at:

About, Inc. specializes in developing user-friendly, business-grade web applications.’s flagship Software as a Service (SaaS) product, ClickTime Web Timesheet, helps businesses in over 50 countries manage timesheets and expenses effectively., an Intuit-Certified QuickBooks Silver Developer, provides time tracking services for Xerox, Emerson, Citi, Conservation International, GE, and thousands of small and large organizations worldwide.

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