Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. expands alliance to enable direct connectivity to Google Hotel Price Ads

Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. has added Regatta Travel Solutions Inc. to its team of strategic alliance partners. Regatta Travel Solutions will utilize Woodcrick’s advanced Seekda technology hospitality platform to integrate Google Hotel Finder into its technology and marketing solutions for CVBs. The launch of Google’s Hotel Finder has generated a significant amount of discussion in the travel industry, especially since Google has begun placing the tool prominently above organic search results. This strategic alliance between Woodcrick and Regatta will allow Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and CVBs to participate in the excitement as this tool and its cross-promotional integration with other Google products takes shape and gains momentum with consumers.

“This business collaboration fits perfectly into our marketing strategy of working closely with forward-looking industry partners to bring immediate solutions to hoteliers and hotel groups looking for an opportunity to be early leaders in the Google travel products offerings,” said Craig Wingate, CEO of Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. To date Google’s Hotel Finder has been dominated by OTAs, and Woodcrick’s alliance with Regatta opens additional opportunities for CVBs, DMOs and hotel groups to participate directly in these innovative new Google products. The integration of Regatta’s specialized CVB solutions with Google Hotel Finder through Seekda’s hospitality technology platform will enable Regatta’s clients to fully benefit from the most cutting edge online marketing tactics.

“The ability for CVBs to be on a level playing field with the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) is something that they have dreamed of for years,” said Ashwin Kamlani, President of Regatta Travel Solutions. “The more tools that we can give to our CVB clients to help them increase the revenue they generate for their partners, the more they will see the value in using Regatta to capture bookings for their destinations.”

About Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

Woodcrick Ventures is the worldwide representative of Seekda which provides advanced lodging industry technology and is one of the few partners selected, audited, approved and contracted by Google to provide hoteliers the opportunity to participate directly in Google’s Hotel Price Ads program. Seekda’s technology, deployed in over 4,000 hotels across Europe, is now available to hoteliers in the USA exclusively through Woodcrick Ventures. Hoteliers worldwide can quickly have the direct connection to push real-time rates and inventory to Google with no required changes to existing vendors, relationships or infrastructure. Hotels benefit with a cost savings, since the CPC paid is a fraction of the cost of booking these same Google users through OTA or GDS channels. For more information, visit woodcrickventures.com.

About Regatta Travel Solutions Inc.

Regatta Travel Solutions provides specialized online booking technology and marketing tactics for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations). DMOs that use Regatta to book travel on their sites can increase revenue for their destination, lower the cost paid by suppliers per booking, and increase membership and participation for their organizations. Visit www.regattatravelsolutions.com for more details. Regatta Travel Solutions is an Alliance Partner of DMAI.