Outsource Channel Executives Inc. Launches Wake-up the Channel Program to Stimulate Sales in a Down Economy

All the recession news can make it tempting for technology vendors, distributors, and their channel partners to say, “Wake me up when it’s over.” But sleeping at the wheel can put companies on a collision course for failure. To help these businesses start their road to the recovery now, Outsource Channel Executives (OCE) Inc. today announced its “Wake-up the Channel Program.” The free, on-demand educational program shows how technology vendors and distributors can grow their profitability in a recession by increasing the sales and margins of their channel partners.

The OCE Wake-up the Channel Program includes a white paper and series of recorded webcasts. Together they provide vendors, distributors and channel partners such insights as:

  • Why it may be better to raise prices during a recession.
  • Who is buying technology today.
  • How to close deals when buyers say, “I don’t have any money to spend.”

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but you shouldn’t let a good recession go to waste,” says Mark S. A. Smith , OCE co-founder, content and delivery. “Multiple studies—from 1921-1991—have shown that the companies continuing to spend through a recession see their sales grow. 1 One of the best investments vendors and distributors can make is educating themselves and their channel partners on how to identify who is buying now and how to cultivate the customers of tomorrow.”

Wake-up the Channel Program Tools

The OCE Wake-up the Channel Program is based on OCE’s extensive expertise in providing channel strategy, execution and training for some of the world’s leading technology vendors and distributors —many of them among the top five players in their markets. The program, which can be accessed at www.transformmychannel.com , features educational two-part recorded webcasts and a supporting white paper by Mark S. A. Smith for each of three topics:

  • “Wake-up the Channel: Stimulating Channel Sales in a Down Economy,” available today.
  • “Drive Your Own Economic Recovery: Jumpstart Your Partner Channel,” available today.
  • “Don’t Just Train The Channel. Energize It,” coming soon.

Vendors and distributors, who want to provide deeper training internally and for their channel partners can email transformmychannel@oceinc.com or call 1-888-OCE-INC4.

About OCE

Outsource Channel Executives (OCE) Inc. is the premier channel activation and transformation partner for the technology industry, bringing more than 200 years of combined experience. OCE builds on the insights of its dedicated research team to provide vendors, distributors and their channel partners the tactics, strategies, and actionable ideas to succeed and excel in a highly competitive market. Today, OCE works with the world’s leading technology providers—many of them among the top five players in their markets. OCE has its headquarters in Colorado, CO. For more information, visit www.oceinc.com .