Benson Honda offers detailed in-brand comparisons on new 2014 Honda models

Researching cars is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming tasks involved in the process of purchasing a vehicle. San Antonio’s Benson Honda, however, is making it easier for consumers to get all of the information they need without having to spend time browsing multiple websites for useful information. The dealership continues to provide consumers with a variety of different ways to get information on new 2014 Honda models.

The most recent addition to the website is a series of in-brand comparisons that take similar models from the Honda lineup and put them side by side. The comparisons make it easy for consumers who are set on buying a Honda model, but are unsure which vehicle best suits their needs.

Two of the most popular SUVs in Honda’s lineup are the CR-V and the Pilot. Both of the vehicles are impressively spacious and efficient, but they have different capabilities that cater to two completely different sets of buyers. The highlights of each vehicle are outlined in Benson Honda’s 2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Honda Pilot comparison Web page.

According to the dealership, consumers looking for the space of an SUV with the efficiency of a mid-size car are likely to find that Honda CR-V is the more appealing of the two options. The CR-V is significantly smaller than the Pilot, but it still is able to provide over 70 cubic feet of cargo capacity when the second row seatback is folded down. The small size also allows the crossover to achieve more than 30 mpg on the highway.

Those who require more storage and seating are likely to consider the Honda Pilot as the more attractive model. The spacious cabin provides seating for eight or nearly 90 cubic feet of cargo volume. To help power the larger SUV, a six-cylinder engine comes standard under the hood. Able to deliver 250 horsepower, the V-6 engine is sure to satisfy consumers who desire more than the four-cylinder power that comes standard in the CR-V.

To get the full SUV comparison, or to view other in-brand comparisons from Benson Honda, visit the Benson Honda website at Consumers interested in additional information are encouraged to contact the experts at the dealership.