Hatteras Networks’ Long-Range Ethernet Repeaters Extend Reach, Guarantee Higher Performance for Ethernet Business Services and Mobile Backhaul Applications

Hatteras Networks, the global leader in flexible Ethernet solutions for enterprise access services and next-generation mobile backhaul, today introduced the HN239 Repeater and HNLPM8 Line Power Modules to its award-winning EFM product family. These newest innovations enable service providers to ubiquitously deploy Mid-Band Ethernet beyond the traditional distance limitations of copper services, reaching sites more than 25 miles (40km) from the nearest serving office. They are designed to extend higher rates for Ethernet business services and mobile backhaul applications, enabling service providers to bring much greater bandwidth over bonded copper to remote cell towers and DSLAMs.

The HN239 Repeater and HNLPM8 Line Power Modules enable service providers to deliver cost-effective Mid-Band Ethernet solutions across their entire networks. They allow carriers to increase the service rates to their customers, particularly when there are a limited number of lines available to the desired location.

“With the Hatteras Repeaters now installed, we are able to more cost-effectively deliver business services to our customers living and working in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona at far greater rates and distances than traditional T1s,” said Jody Davis, Inside Plant Manager at South Central Communications, one of the largest employers and telecommunication companies in Southern Utah. “Installation was very easy and efficient and we plan to deploy more Hatteras Repeaters in the future to meet growing customer demands.”

“With the exponential growth in mobile and data traffic today, service providers are turning to Hatteras Networks to leverage their existing copper backhaul infrastructures to deliver significantly higher bandwidth than was previously possible,” said Kevin Sheehan, CEO, Hatteras Networks. “South Central Communications provides a service delivery model enabling their network to serve a rapidly expanding, geographically dispersed customer base that requires higher performance across greater distances.”


Hatteras Networks is redefining the way carriers think about Ethernet services. Hatteras Networks’ EFM service delivery solutions are leading service providers worldwide to a significant expansion of the Metro Ethernet market, which had previously been limited to the fiber footprint. Historically, T1s and E1s have been the fundamental building blocks for voice and data business services. Now, service providers can cost-effectively offer 45 Mbps and higher Mid-Band Ethernet services over existing copper facilities, enabling businesses to migrate from legacy Frame Relay, ATM and T1/E1 connections to transparent Ethernet services for voice and data business connectivity, infrastructure backhaul and mobile wireless backhaul solutions.

Already deployed on five continents, Hatteras Networks solutions are enabling a market expansion for carriers that is as significant for business services as “triple play” is for residential. For more information, visit www.hatterasnetworks.com .