Noosh Extends Its Project and Procurement Platform With ProofHQ Integration

New Proofing Capability Enables Collaboration Across All Print, Web and Audio-Visual Assets — Anywhere, Anytime

Noosh, a provider of web-based integrated project and procurement management technology, today announced the integration of ProofHQ, a global leader in online proofing, serving major brands such as Honda, AT&T and Cisco. ProofHQ will extend the capabilities of Noosh’s platform, resulting in a unified creative and production process for service providers and enterprises.

Noosh users will now be able to collaborate, approve, and send all types of creative assets to production anywhere, anytime. The proofing process will no longer need to be managed offline, separate from the production process. Art and creative teams will have full transparency into the production process while benefitting from the ability to proof online.

“The creative development and the production processes are intricately intertwined for our customers,” said Ofer Ben-Shachar, founder and CEO of Noosh. “Bringing them together under one platform complements Noosh’s project and procurement functionality by facilitating production management, content review and approval processes.”

The introduction of ProofHQ to the Noosh platform goes beyond the ability to review art and creative documents online. It will allow customers to easily manage the entire review and approval workflow process. This will help increase collaboration while eliminating costly delays resulting from waiting for feedback over emails and other disparate forms of communication.

“As proofing expands to become even more fundamental to creative content best-practices, we look forward to having partners develop integrations that complement our vision,” said Shawn Herring, Vice President of Marketing at ProofHQ. “The extension of Noosh’s functionalities to include proofing gives marketing professionals a solution to a problem that is growing larger every year; it gives them a cohesive way to manage the creative and production process.”

Noosh’s platform has helped its customers achieve cost reductions of more than 20 percent by maximizing efficiency, collaboration, and transparency. Noosh will now also be able to deliver ProofHQ’s ability to speed up content reviews and approvals by 56 percent.

About Noosh
Noosh provides the leading software-as-a-service platform for integrated project and procurement management. Noosh’s customers, who manage projects and purchase more than $2.5 billion in services annually on the Noosh platform, include leading print/marketing services providers and enterprises alike including: Ergo Asia, Miller Zell, Point and Workflow One. For more information, please visit

About ProofHQ
ProofHQ is an online proofing tool used by brands and agencies worldwide. It streamlines the review and approval of content and creative assets so that marketing projects are completed faster and with less effort. ProofHQ replaces email and hard copy processes, giving review teams tools to collaboratively review creative content, and marketing project managers tools to track reviews in progress.

ProofHQ can be used across all media including print, digital and audiovisual. For more information, please visit Since 2008, ProofHQ has been helping an ever-growing base of users — from brands to agencies to publishers and printers — to simplify the process of getting creative work reviewed and approved. ProofHQ team members work in multiple locations in the UK, the USA, Poland and South Africa.