Latest MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release Enhances Database Performance and Manageability

New Release Delivers 645,000 SQL Queries per Second and More Than 1 Million NoSQL Queries per Second in Benchmark Tests

Oracle announced a new development milestone release for MySQL 5.7. Continuing to meet the demands of today’s web, cloud, and embedded applications, the new release further extends the performance, scalability, and reliability of MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, while enhancing management capabilities. Oracle also announced several additional MySQL product releases and early access features as well as the availability of MySQL source code on

News Facts

  • Oracle announced a new development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL 5.7.
  • Available for download in the MySQL Developer Zone, on Monday, September 29, this MySQL 5.7.5 DMR includes many performance and scalability features, including a new optimizer dynamic cost model, improved InnoDB performance, and replication performance improvements, as well as several manageability enhancements.
  • Also available on Monday, September 29 are:
    • MySQL Fabric 1.5, which includes the ability to provision servers through OpenStack
    • MySQL Workbench 6.2, which features new performance and migration capabilities
    • The first MySQL Cluster 7.4 DMR, which delivers active-active replication as well as performance and operational enhancements
  • In addition, Oracle is providing early access to features under development, including MySQL Group Replication and multisource replication, for community testing and feedback through
  • To better serve the MySQL community, Oracle is making the MySQL source code publicly available on (, allowing users to download it from their preferred code host and collaboration platform.
  • Oracle will host MySQL Central @ OpenWorld from Sunday, September 28 through Thursday, October 2 at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. To learn more about the new MySQL capabilities and best practices for developing next-generation applications with MySQL, join us at the conference. Additional information on MySQL Central and be found here. Save $200 off the onsite registration by registering now.

New MySQL Enhancements Improve Performance, Scalability, and Manageability

  • Performance and scalability:
    • A new MySQL optimizer dynamic cost model has been introduced to provide greater user control and better query performance.
    • Improved InnoDB performance provides faster online and bulk load operations.
    • Performance schema improvements include user and status variable instrumentation as well as replication information and progress instrumentation.
    • Replication performance improvements, including intraschema multithread slave, allow many transactions to be applied in parallel while maintaining full consistency and supporting transaction retries.
    • In benchmark tests using SysBench Read-only Point-Selects, at 1,024 connections, MySQL 5.7 delivered 645,000 queries per second (QPS), 2x better than MySQL 5.6. More than 1 million NoSQL QPS to InnoDB via Memcached were achieved with MySQL 5.7, which is 6x more than with MySQL 5.6.
  • Manageability:
    • A new global data dictionary improves manageability and query performance.
    • Improved partitioning simplifies database administration by quickly and easily moving database partitions.
    • GIS improvements provide more robust spatial data support including GeoHash and GeoJSON.
    • Replication GTID improvements remove the requirement to run binary logs on the slaves.
    • This latest DMR also features support for Oracle Linux 7, including native DTrace support, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • MySQL Fabric 1.5 provisions servers using OpenStack and also supports additional types of sharding keys.
  • MySQL Workbench 6.2 delivers the following new capabilities:
    • Database migrations from Microsoft Access, allowing users to easily migrate Microsoft Access data to MySQL
    • Visual explain enhancements, improving and simplifying SQL statement performance tuning
    • GIS data viewer, allowing users to view MySQL spatial data from a more powerful and reliable geometric engine
  • The first MySQL Cluster 7.4 DMR features the following enhancements to increase scalability, uptime, and agility:
    • Active-active replication, allowing replication between clusters in different locations with automated conflict detection and resolution
    • Performance enhancements, exploiting more cores within each node to massively scale out throughput
    • Operational improvements such as improved reporting and faster maintenance activities
  • Key features are also available through for early testing and feedback from the MySQL community, including:
    • Multi-source Replication, which consolidates data from multiple masters to one or more slaves
    • MySQL Group Replication, which simplifies high availability by allowing any server to accept writes and enhances application transparency by removing the need for the application and servers to coordinate where transactions should be routed

Supporting Quote

  • “Oracle is focused on enhancing MySQL to provide the community and customers with the best capabilities for building and delivering their web, cloud, and embedded applications,” said Tomas Ulin, vice president, MySQL Engineering, Oracle. “The latest MySQL 5.7 development milestone release delivers on our promise of release early, release often, and the enhanced performance and management features are the result of our collaboration with users. Additionally, by making the MySQL source code available on we are allowing users to get access to the latest MySQL innovations from one of the world’s largest code host and collaboration platforms.”

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