New Extreme Transmission Polarizer Now Available from Moxtek

Moxtek has developed a low-cost, high-transmission polarizer for the pico-projector market, the EXT series of polarizers. This polarizer has minimum transmission of 93% of polarized light with a contrast of around 50:1. This is a perfect pre-polarizer for pico-projector light engines that can also be used in a polarization recovery scheme.

All projection display systems that use liquid crystal microdisplays need as much polarized light as possible. Pico-projectors have an extreme need to use all of the light efficiently. The best way to use light more efficiently in these systems is through using the best polarization components possible.

Current liquid crystal based pico-projectors use an absorptive film polarizer as a pre-polarizer. The transmission and contrast over the visible spectrum are low. The transmission is less than 85% with contrast <100:1.

The new Moxtek extreme transmission polarizer is now ready for sampling. For more information please contact Jim Meyer at .

Moxtek’s expertise is in high-volume manufacturing of wire-grid polarizers and other nano-array structures. Its wire grid polarizers are the industry standard for the liquid crystal projection display market. They are also used in consumer displays, scientific instruments, and industrial and military applications. The company provides polarizers ranging from the UV to LWIR. Moxtek is a fully owned subsidiary of Polatechno, Ltd. of Japan.