How To Safeguard Your Computer From Common Virus Threats

Virus is a malicious program which is designed with the intentions of replicating and spreading from one computer to another. If the virus gets installed in your computers and laptops it can easily corrupt or delete the data files stored in the computer.

With the threats caused by virus, becoming common the users of the computer need to be very cautious. As Internet is full of spammers and people who can get access to your online account & steal your personal information, banking details, credit details or identity, it is therefore essential to have latest and up to date version of anti-virus software for your PC. Online computer support or remote PC support can prove very useful in this regard.

One of the viruses which became very apparent in 2001 is known as Klez the Conqueror; this Klez worm first attacked the computers in 2001; it has the characteristics of behaving as a virus, worm as well as Trojan horse at different stages. As it had the ability of disabling anti-virus programs as well as corrupting the files which is in use, so it becomes very difficult to remove & delete it from the system. It spreads via emails as well as open networks.

Yet another famous virus is known as Love letter. Love letter is a computer worm which was detected in 2000. It infected many computers round the world and is considered as one of the most dangerous computer viruses till date. It makes use of internet chat systems & shared file systems as a medium for spreading. Once it creeps into the computer it sends its copies along with an executable file & subject line “ILOVEYOU” to the addresses which are there in the address book of your Microsoft Outlook. It is capable of altering Internet start pages and registry keys.

Another famous virus which appeared in 1999 is called as Melissa virus. Even the big corporate networks round the world were infected by this virus & it created a swirl in the IT domain. It spreads to first 50 names in Microsoft Outlook address book once the e-mail infected by this virus was opened.

It is not cumbersome to stay up to date & protected against these viruses. If you maintain the PC regularly & update your anti virus program, one can easily avoid attack by the virus. However if your computer has got PC infected by a virus you can go for Online computer support or remote PC support. Remote PC support proves to be very useful for controlling malware attacks in your computer. Technicians utilize the remote PC support technology for detecting & removing malware from your PC and laptops.

Online PC tech support is now available at very cheap rates for your computers. Besides taking service from online PC tech support you can also take following precautions and maintain your computer system:


  1. You should not share your password with anyone.
  2. Do not open suspicious attachments in email.
  3. Turn on windows firewall to ensure better protection.
  4. Up date your anti-virus program and carry out regular scanning.