Digital Caddies and Snapp Digital Announce Strategic Alliance

Digital Caddies, Inc. (OTC PINK: CADY), a leader in on course delivery of technology services and content to golfers, is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic alliance with Snapp Digital, a leading edge technology platform for seamlessly delivering real-time content for advertisers.

Snapp Digital is a cloud based content management system that allows publishers and advertisers to easily control content displayed on screens on a distributed digital out of home network. Their platform is designed to dramatically simplify the ad buying and placement process and their intuitive user interface makes the placement of both video and statics ads simple and quick.

“We are excited to be working with Snapp Digital to implement a new and exciting way to serve ads to our network,” said Brad Nightingale, CEO. “Their technology makes managing content on our network so simple and their infrastructure will allow us to easily scale our business and ultimately allow brands and small businesses to buy ad space directly on our network.”

“As digital out of home and web based advertising markets continue to converge, we recognized the need for, and built a platform that can serve this new marketplace,” said Ron Warner, CEO of Snapp Digital. “Our technology is recognized as being the one of the most intuitive, easy to use platform to manage content on a distributed out of home network. Having the opportunity to work with Digital Caddies, who is at the forefront of these converging markets is both exciting and a privilege.”

Initial implementation and testing of Snapp Digital’s ad serving platform into the Digital Caddies’ network is already well underway. The companies both expect the platform to be fully integrated into the network in the coming weeks.

About Digital Caddies
Digital Caddies’ provides unique access to golfers via an interactive tablet mounted in golf cars, serving up features golfers, course operators and advertisers want. Once a golf course is equipped with Digital Caddies’ touch-screen tablets, golfers enjoy a variety of useful applications and services, including GPS-based course navigation and aerial fairway and green views with accurate yardages to landmarks. Digital Caddies’ tablets install easily on golf cars and connect wirelessly to the Web through Sprint’s nationwide wireless network, providing the golf course a broad portfolio of real-time course management tools via GPS-based cart tracking and communications.

Digital Caddies is committed to ongoing innovation that will deliver valuable content to golfers, enhance golf course operations and allow marketers to reach one of the most sought-after and lucrative demographics. For more information about Digital Caddies, please visit

About Snapp Digital
Snapp Digital is a technology company providing a cloud based ad platform to manage all advertising needs for publishers across any digital signage network. Integration, simplicity, scalability and cost effectiveness are the core features built right into their platform. Snapp’s platform effectively gives publishers their very own ad management team working to provide a better overall customer experience for advertisers. For more information on Snapp Digital, visit or email