FullContact Acquires Brewster for Core Technology

FullContact, provider of the most powerful contact management platform for professionals and enterprises, announced today that it has acquired competitor Brewster, the contact management service launched with much fanfare in 2012 by founder Steve Greenwood and funded by notable investor Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. The acquisition of Brewster’s product experience and relationship-aware identity technology will broaden FullContact’s product offerings and firmly cement its place as the definitive market leader in the 360-degree, unified contact management category.

As part of the acquisition, Brewster users have the option of switching over to FullContact’s suite of consumer apps that span across iOS, Mac, Android, Gmail, and Web. FullContact already supports two-way sync between iCloud and multiple Google email accounts and will launch support for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange starting in April. Together, this will provide a great solution for users to keep personal and professional contacts in sync at all times.

FullContact will not migrate Brewster’s users automatically. Instead, Brewster users will migrate their own accounts, with the option to sign up for a free three-month trial of FullContact premium or a free-forever FullContact account. Premium Brewster users can join FullContact Premium, and FullContact will honor the remainder of their Brewster premium term at no additional cost.

FullContact will leverage the acquisition to incorporate some of Brewster’s technology into its ongoing product development efforts — namely the notion of a self-updating address book coupled with the concept of a verified personal identity.

“Becoming the world’s contact management platform is a huge undertaking and requires many years, if not decades, to achieve. With this acquisition, we’re one step closer to achieving this vision,” said Bart Lorang, Co-Founder and CEO at FullContact. “Brewster is a perfect fit for us — we share a similar user base of people-focused professionals that want to master their contacts and be awesome with people. We look forward to welcoming the Brewster users to the FullContact platform.”

“We started Brewster because we wanted to replace the traditional A-Z address book with one that understood relationships. We’re proud to have provided our users with a better way to connect with the people in their lives and we’re grateful to have served them over the last four years,” said Steve Greenwood, Founder and CEO of Brewster. “FullContact shares our commitment to serving its users and I’m confident Brewster’s users will be very well taken care of.”

FullContact is used by millions of people through its apps, enterprise customers, and API partners. For additional details on the Brewster acquisition, visit Bart’s blog here: https://www.fullcontact.com/blog/fullcontact-acquires-brewster/

For more information about FullContact’s products and services, please visit: https://www.fullcontact.com.