Conductor Unveils Insight Stream, Revolutionary Tech that Transforms Big Marketing Data into Personalized Insights

Conductor, the leading global content intelligence platform, today announced the launch of Insight Stream, a revolutionary way to deliver business intelligence to marketers. Insight Stream improves the workflow and productivity of digital marketers by surfacing important business insights through a live feed of personalized recommendations.

Marketing technology is rapidly growing more sophisticated, which means marketers are getting more data — on every aspect of their business. However, marketers struggle to keep up with this vast amount of data. Experienced marketers lack the time to sift through dashboards, charts, and data tables to discern what really matters, while less experienced team members don’t know where to begin.

Going beyond traditional dashboards and data tables, Conductor’s Insight Stream is a new paradigm for delivering in-depth business insights. It surfaces the most relevant information a marketer needs to prioritize to realize immediate results. It provides marketers with a constant stream of insights and suggestions to manage, optimize and measure their content marketing & SEO efforts.

“We are launching Insight Stream to relieve marketers of the need to dig through endless dashboard and data. Your software should do the hard work for you so you can focus on execution,” said Seth Besmertnik, Founder and CEO of Conductor. “We are proud to be at the forefront of technology advancements for marketers using AI to turn marketing data into simple human insights.”

Insight Stream simplifies organic marketing management for all businesses by eliminating the need to have the deep technical expertise in executing marketing programs. Marketing executives can now have full view of their organic marketing performance while also effectively managing their organic marketing team and strategy.

The newly launched Insight Stream leverages data found from large-scale web-crawling, competitive intelligence data, web analytics systems and search engine marketing metrics. Additionally, the platform delivers combined insights from 3rd party tools like Google & Adobe Analytics, Google Search Console and site-audit tool Deep Crawl. For the first time, all these tools are talking with each other to provide marketers with a holistic view of a business’ organic marketing performance.

“Organic Marketing is a top revenue channel for us and we are constantly looking to do more,” said Steven Bush, VP Search Marketing for Citi. “Insight Stream delivers insights from droves of data, enabling us to focus our immediate attention on significant action items.”

“We’re excited for Conductor’s Insight Stream launch. As a manager overseeing multiple teams, it’s critical that I get a full view of how our marketing channels are performing. With Insight Stream, I have a proactive understanding of the impact of our organic marketing activities and have a single experience where I can effectively manage and collaborate with my team,” says John Schulenburg, Group Leader Content Marketing & SEO for Intuit Quickbooks.

“What’s important to us is being able to efficiently uncover potential opportunities for us to deliver growth, and Insight Stream highlights these to make it easier for us to achieve our goals,” said Dominic Litten, CMO of Budget Dumpster.

Insight Stream is currently in Beta for Conductor’s Searchlight customers. For more information, visit

About Conductor
Conductor is the world’s leading organic marketing company. Our content intelligence platform, Conductor Searchlight, generates customer intent insights that lead to compelling content, increased traffic, and higher organic marketing ROI.

Conductor’s technology enables marketers to understand their prospective customers’ intent by revealing the trends and topics they are searching for at every phase of purchase process. Customizable dashboards and workflows guide marketers through the content creation process, empowering them to continuously measure, refine, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their SEO and content marketing efforts. Conductor’s forward-thinking customers include global brands like Citibank and FedEx, emerging leaders like Birchbox and JustFab, and leading agencies like iProspect and Acronym.