DXNotifi Powers Things Up At Notre Dame’s Innovation Park

As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at Notre Dame is now using DXNotifi from Magenium Solutions to power its digital displays throughout the 55,000 square foot facility.

Natalie Gunn-Stahl, Facility Manager for Innovation Park, leads the strategy for deploying IT and AV solutions and works to keep the facility’s overall experience on the leading edge. Pursuant to that work, Natalie wanted to bring in the latest in IOT technology for the building’s signage. Partnering with Magenium, Ms. Gunn-Stahl selected and deployed DXNotifi throughout the building to provide a better experience for partners, tenants, and clients.

With DXNotifi, Innovation Park displays video, campus notifications, welcomes clients, and keeps visitors better informed anywhere within the facility. The responsive design and mobile capabilities of DXNotifi enable Natalie and her team to easily create new digital experiences from any device, no matter where they are.

Now we can easily deliver beautiful presentations anywhere in our facility, and I have the ability to delegate some of this work to other members of my team. We’re saving a huge amount of money and time with this great new solution,” said Natalie Gunn-Stahl. “We’ve also had a great partnership with Magenium and they’ve provided us strategy, support, and new ideas for how we can provide better experiences for our visitors. They’ve continued to stay engaged with us and help customize the system to suit our exact needs.”

In addition to displaying the content Natalie and her team creates, DXNotifi has the ability to integrate with other back-office systems to dynamically update what gets shown on the screen such as major announcements coming from the University.

DXNotifi provides Innovation Park at Notre Dame the digital signage and notification system they need at a cost that can’t be beat,” said Peggy Martinus, Magenium’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

“We provide all of the installation, hosting, implementation and training for all of our clients so they can get off the ground quickly. Since DXNotifi is built on the secure Azure cloud network, no on-premises servers are ever needed.”

Deploying DXNotifi enables organizations like Innovation Park at Notre Dame to add an entertaining and informative element to an already leading edge facility. By using this platform, marketers and building managers alike can quickly create unique digital experiences that attract audiences and engage them with valuable information.

About Innovation Park at Notre Dame
Innovation Park at Notre Dame helps transform innovative ideas into businesses ready to enter the marketplace. The Park brings together market expertise and the University’s intellectual assets — key ingredients that are essential for ventures to succeed. Innovation Park’s clients range from ventures at their earliest stages to Fortune 100 companies. Clients include innovators and entrepreneurs drawn from the University’s faculty, student, or alumni community, as well as outside ventures that can benefit from access to the Park’s resources and network. The Park offers unsurpassed experiential learning opportunities for students from all colleges within the University. The Park’s work will also accelerate market pathways for University research — creating new commercial channels for these innovative ideas.

About Magenium Solutions
Magenium Solutions is an IT consulting services firm headquartered just outside of Chicago with branch offices in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and Georgia. We are dedicated to delivering technology solutions that solve problems and move business forward. We have a rich portfolio of IT solutions including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Azure, Unified Communications and Enterprise Systems Management. Our services range from IT staffing to cloud computing to mobile app development. Through technology, we help clients grow their businesses, boost productivity, stay competitive, and reduce costs.