eTAGZ and Collegiate Images™ Score with Ultimate Highlight Reel

Digital media company eTAGZ, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Collegiate Images, LLC to become an officially licensed provider of college sports content to third party retailers and consumer packaged goods throughout the United States. Collegiate Images™ is the copyright clearing agency responsible for managing the distribution of copyrighted intellectual property with an exclusive focus on college sports.

Through this association, the experts at eTAGZ work in tandem with retail partners to develop and package marketing campaigns that establish lasting brand loyalty with fans of many Division-1 schools. The ability of eTAGZ to provide a captivating medium of information has become increasingly popular with forward thinking companies, now this relationship allows those businesses to make new connections with a dedicated group of customers.

Following their collaborations with Rite Aid, Medicine Shoppe International, the NBC Digital Health Network and Harvard Health Publications, this new deal allows eTAGZ to help retail manufacturers make direct contact with college football and basketball consumers as the college bowl season and the national men’s basketball tournament approach. During these two events, companies are constantly competing for market share within the college sports fan category. A product paired with eTAGZ distinguishes itself from the competition by adding value that is specifically geared towards that audience. ”We’re excited at the prospects of our partnership with eTAGZ and their expertise in creating quality digital media products,” says Rich Routman, SVP Business Development and Sales, Collegiate Images, LLC.

“Companies looking to make a connection with college sports fans, or extend a current activation, have a unique opportunity,” said Isaac Jacobson, chief executive officer, eTAGZ. “The value potential this kind of brand awareness creates is limitless with this audience and our style of marketing is the catalyst for making these types of genuine connections.”

With the patented exclusivity to place digital media on merchandise, eTAGZ provides an exceptional opportunity for businesses to break through the clutter of marketing information that can become overwhelming to college sports fans. Through the eTAGZ platform companies are able to create their own media outlet and make a meaningful, long-lasting connection with targeted customers. Attaching CDs, DVDs or even flash drives to products doesn’t just give customers an added value when deciding between competing merchandise, but also defines the brand with content that is significant to the consumer.

“With the strategies and tools we provide, the ability to reach a highly targeted group of customers with extremely efficient, trackable content is easier than ever,” added Jacobson. “No longer do messages have to fight for the limited space allowed through traditional marketing avenues.”

About eTAGZ

The Seattle based digital marketing firm eTAGZ offers turnkey digital media to retailers allowing them to magnify their brand by making a direct connection with customers. eTAGZ attaches digital media to merchandise (U.S. Patent 6,298,332 B1) and provides customized content that engages specific shoppers on a personal level with useful information and entertainment. Attachment is defined as inclusion, enclosure, tethering and labeling. This technology allows companies who partner with eTAGZ to produce mobile websites that create increased consumer credibility and trackable results that cut through the clutter of traditional media featured in banners, signage, broadcast and print outlets. Among its hundreds of associations, eTAGZ currently has relationships with Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Big Fish Games, Harvard Health Publications, The Walt Disney Company, and NBC to provide product related content. For more information please visit .